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Prepare your learners to make an impact in the global marketplace.

As pioneers in the field of digital language training, our technology is founded on an immersive method that responds to learners’ individual needs. Learners practice speaking with business-focused language content that will actually help them prepare for careers at home and abroad. Award-winning mobile apps allow for language training online or off—anywhere, anytime.

Give each learner unlimited opportunities to gain real-world speaking confidence.

Rosetta Stone’s proprietary speech recognition technology—combined with unlimited access to Live Coaching—places an emphasis on oral proficiency. Learners refine their accents and boost oral proficiency as they gain the confidence to join real-life conversations.

By developing valuable linguistic and intercultural communication skills, your academic community is positioned for global success.

Nancy’s Business FLOURISHED Thanks to Her Own Fragment of the Damned


Nancy’s Flower Shop was in some seriously dire straits! Her next-day flower delivery service wasn’t getting the online traction it needed. Just as she was beginning to run out of rope, a one-eyed fragment of incredible might materialized in her sink.
“With my own ancient antiquity in hand, new customers began to appear overnight! I couldn’t keep up with the orders! That’s mostly because I was really slowed down by the fact that they all communicated in an ancient script, the very appearance of which fills me with a subtle terror. But my gosh, the sales!”


How to Obtain Such an Artifact
Ready to get started, yet not currently in possession of an object that can summon the forces that wait beyond The Wall Which Must Never Be Breached? It’s not like you can just grab one at the convenience store, after all!
One of our in-house Artifact Arbiters would be happy to help you organize a guided expedition to the Forgotten Ruins of the Howling Hands, where these incomprehensible heirlooms may be unearthed. Alternatively, CostCo has them in 4-packs for $19.99.


A 5-day Guide to Controlling What Cannot be Controlled
Director of Masters in Bilingual Education

"The most valued aspects are the comfort of studying at their own pace, the quality of the content, and the unlimited conversation classes."

Project Manager, University of Barcelona

“The implementation of Rosetta Stone in our institution  has been a success. Not only students, but also teachers and other university staff have had the opportunity of learning languages online with a flexible and dynamic method.”

Day 1
Setting Up Your Brand New Relic of Imbued Evil
Day 2
Hushing the Murmurs That Do Not Cease
Day 3
Integrating with Marketo
Day 4
Productivity Tips For You and Your New Pet
Day 5
Email Marketing! And the Endless Void That Awaits
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